Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Busiest day ever!

Today (well yesterday now really) started by leaving the house at 7.00 am for a lesson at 7.30. I gave a 100 minute pre-test lesson to Sara, who managed to pass her test, despite the nerves.

From there straight on to Amy, who drove wonderfully for half an hour, then struggled for an hour and a half.

No rest for the wicked. I had to go straight to my next one, Heidi, who drove beautifully for an hour. Almost like a rest. Always good when they're not trying to stamp on the brake 10 yards short of a roundabout with a jugernaut full of suphuric acid beaming down on us.

Then a half hour break and a cup of coffee before going to get Arthur and taking him around a typical test route.

Then a double lesson with Sally, who got markedly better after a shaky start.

Then finally, a double lesson with Tom, who I met for the first time today. He's been taught by mum and dad and was on his best behaviour, which apparently meant not using his mirrors, and using millions of tiny hand movements to steer around corners.

Got home about 9.15 this evening. 3 hours to eat and relax then off to bed. To sleep, perchance to dream.

If I did this every day I'd be bringing home almost a grand a week, and y'know what? I don't want to.

I enjoy my job, but when I'm teaching, I'm driving all the time, whether I'm sat behind the wheel or not.

Imagine driving almost non stop for 14 hours every day.

Tomorrow I have just 8 lessons. I get a lie-in until 10am! Hurrah!

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