Sunday, 31 May 2009


Just been looking at a humungous wind turbine in Reading, England when I noticed how clean and clear the imagary was.

As I mentioned, Here, I've found a way of tabulating the quality. It works like this:

  1. Find a car on a road.
  2. Zoom in until it becomes blurred.
  3. Measure distance between ground level and eye altitude.
Simple enough, huh?

The clear bit of Reading contains the M4 motorway.

These two cars are shown from a relative altitude of 85 feet. Close enough for me to hazard a guess that the blue car in lane 3 is a Mark IV Fiesta.

Just using the previous search history seems like as good a method of comparison as any...


247 feet up and already losing definition.

Ubon, Thailand:

549 feet above and pretty cack to be honest.


That's from 210 feet up. About the same as Widnes really.

I seem to remember that Utrecht had some pretty clear pictures.

Hell yeah. 127 feet up and you can make out the doormirrors. Almost as good as Reading.

Imagine if everywhere was as high quality as this!

So I have to find out what the res is like close to google campus.

38 feet! Bloody favouritism I call it!

Is anywhere higher res than this?

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