Thursday, 18 December 2008

From the I.T. Department

A double whammy! Both of these letters hail from East Anglia, England. If they'd both been fields, they'd have been too similar in concept, location and time of finding and I wouldn't have used one of them. But since one of them is a big pile of rocks to stop Norfolk becoming part of the North Sea, (coastal erosion is a big problem in parts of Eastern England) I'm happy to put them both in.

The I: 52°47'19.42"N, 1°36'38.39"E

The t: 52°18'48.87"N, 1° 4'40.56"E


The I opens a whole load of potential words that I could now say with letters. But I'm still nowhere near being able to say the word "BANJO".

Still, only 4 to go now, and I have a B in the pipeline.

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