Saturday, 6 December 2008

I might have found myself.

See this?


53°26'4.23"N, 3° 4'13.05"W is how the New Brighton Promenade area looks from above.

The road just above the row of houses is a road that runs parallel to the prom. Sometimes, the tide breaks over the sea wall, and the prom is closed. Then the road acts as a relief road, and can be fairly busy. Usually though, the bulk of the traffic just goes on a big long straight run along the prom. Then Coastal Drive, as it is called, becomes a nice open and quiet bit of road, with a couple of easy roundabouts and nice wide tarmac. Ideal for learners. I spend a lot of time in such places. Especially with people who have only just started to learn.

There are two learner vehicles (with roof signs) just above the white car in the middle of the screen. Back in 2005, I was teaching in a black Peugeot 206. So it's just possible that I'm sat in that black car with the white speck on its roof. Tell you what? I'll zoom in a bit closer.

Can you see me?

I have blue eyes and probably needed a shave, if that helps.

I'm still in a black car, but now I work for myself. If you're looking to learn to drive, in Wallasey or Birkenhead, or Wirral or anything, and you're particularly keen on learning in a black car, well I'm yer man!

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