Tuesday, 9 December 2008

From frolics to frostbite

Bit of a contrast, but of course, somewhere or other on Earth, it's every time of day, and every season of the year (well sort of)

I've not spent a lot of time looking at Iceland. Fascinating country, of course. One place I'd love to actually visit at some point. But most of Google Earth's coverage of Iceland is satellite rather than aerial, and it's magnificent scenery is transformed into an amorphous hodge-podge of gaudy colours.

Reykjavik, though, is rendered in much higher quality, as befits the most northerly capital city in the world.

And so it is that I found an F in the land of fire and frost.

Not the most distinct of letters, but much harder to locate than I'd anticipated.

64° 3'47.38"N, 21°57'16.57"W


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