Saturday, 22 November 2008

Another link

This one is totally self-interested.

I'm a driving instructor. When I'm not scouring the globe for interesting irrelevencies, I'm out on the streets with people that keep trying to kill me.

But perversely, I want more of it! So I'm putting a link here so that people will visit my website.

Driving lessons Wallasey driving lessons wirral learn to drive school of motoring birkenhead

...and I've made it invisible just to confuse people. It doesn't say anything interesting by the way, but if you hold down your mouse button and go over the bit above, the text will be revealed.

There is method in my madness of course. I can do this on virtually any post, now that I've set it up here, so that should hopefully bump my driving school up a few places in the google search thingy.

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