Wednesday, 5 November 2008

All gone :(

Well first of all, firefox upgraded itself to FF3, and stopped working properly. I found the FF2 installation files and put the one I was used to back on my system, but I lost all my bookmarks in the process. That means a couple of the things I had planned for this blog are now going to be more difficult to write.

Then the computer buggered up in a different way, and I lost all the push-pins from my Google Earth. That's simple enough to replace or replicate mainly, but again, there were a couple of things I intended to post about that I can no longer find.

Oh well. As long as you have your health, right?

I really can't decide if I'm really lucky or really unlucky.

On 20th October I got hit from behind as I joined this roundabout...

pretty much where the white van in the middle of the picture is. I walked away unharmed. I was given a replacement vehicle and carried on with my life until November the 1st, when I got hit again.


This time I got a bit of whiplash, and the person in the car with me ended up getting taken to hospital with her neck in a brace. She's OK by the way, as is the dog that ran out in front of me and caused the whole thing.

Let's hope trouble doesn't come in threes, huh? I used to be a very confident driver, but at the moment, I shit myself every time I have to slow down.

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