Wednesday, 10 September 2008

A New, Improved, X

I mean the old one, well, it's just an X painted on the floor to show the spaceships where to land or something. But I want to use things that aren't letters as letters if I can.

Welcome to Switzerland! Take a Swiss flag (it's the only square national flag by the way) and rotate it through 45°.

Now make it bigger. Much bigger.

That's what those crazy Swiss bods have done in Lausanne. Not content with almost destroying the world by creating a black hole, they've gone and made a bloody big red flag with a white cross in it.

No chance of them being bombed by mistake, that's for certain. Or is that the Red Cross?

As ever, the little link below will centre your google earth thing on it.

46°30'1.09"N, 6°28'54.44"E


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