Monday, 1 September 2008


I keep finding them! These numbers and letters keep on appearing. But I'm having to work quite hard to find quality examples.

Today I have none, but fortunately, I had something in reserve. A day when I found lots but didn't use them all. I kept my powder dry. I didn't give away the goods too soon.

And now I can reap the rewards of my prudence. Today's the day when I give to you, dear reader, the number "8"

As with all the symbols I'm collecting, it's not directly an 8. I could find all the numbers and letters quite easily just be looking for road markings or helipads or whatever. Indeed this 8 does have a perfectly good "H" inside it, which I will not be using. It forms a near right angle when lined up with the locations of my "Q" and my "T". Spooky huh? Never mind leylines. My alphanumeric symbols will spell out the Truth and we will all be saved. Maybe.

The BBC's postcode used to be W12 8QT. Coincidence?

Nope. Totally contrived. By me.

Anyway... the "8". Here it is.

It's just to the South of Chester, England; close to a small Cheshire village called Boughton Heath, and just to the south of the A55.

53°10'13.17"N, 2°51'28.28"W

I think it's an old army camp or something, so perhaps it was formed by the boots of hundreds of men marching round and round in circles.


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