Friday, 22 August 2008


i think it's time i did a few things for the first time.

First lower case letter.

First naturally formed letter.

And first letter to have been discovered using literature as a source of inspiration.

Scottish author, Iain (look at all those 'i's in his name!) Banks once wrote a story called "Walking on glass". It featured a paranoid and delusional person called Stephen Grout. Grout is convinced that he's really from another planet, and that he must find clues in the world around him in order to get back home. One promising lead, at least to his mind, is the island of Celebes, in the Indonesian archepalago. He thinks it looks like a character in an alien alphabet. It looks more like an octopus to me, but nearby are a small island - Pulau Balobaloang-besar, and another even smaller, round island - Pulau Balobaloang Ketil. Toghether they form a lower case "i"

They form a part of the Sabalana Islands. They seem to be low islands and they lie between Celebes and Bali.

6°36'6.90"S, 118°52'20.48"E


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