Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Flying around an island.

Graciosa Airport (Portuguese: Aérodromo da Graciosa) is an airport in Graciosa Island in the Azores. It's precise location is 39° 5'32.00"N 28° 1'48.20"W.

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Last night, I set myself a mission. Using the propellor plane, the SR22, I had to take off, staying on the runway, fly right around the island, and land on the runway again.

Taking off was fine. I can take off, no problem. Flying around the island was fine. I can fly around an island 3 times before breakfast.
Landing was not so fine. It never is. Scared and hesitant, I came in too slowly, lost my stability, and landed on a wing and a prayer, except without the prayer. At least I managed to crash on the runway.

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