Monday, 11 May 2015


holy shit, I've been busy. Had 64.5 hours work in my diary this week, although that subsided with some late cancellations to somewhere around 55.

In part, this was due to taking a holiday. The caseload had to be crammed into the following week.

In part, it was because I had 6 driving tests this week. People tend to put in a few extra hours in the week or so before their tests.

In part, this was because one of those tests involved an intensive course. - someone putting in about 10-12 hours in the week before their test.

That someone passed, and passed well, despite, or perhaps because of a mistake early on in their test. Convinced that he'd failed, he relaxed and just got on with it without expectation or pressure, only to find the examiner had viewed the error as just a minor fault.

And as he goes on his merry way, another intensive course looms.

But still, I finally submitted the content for my website to the guy who does this stuff for me, and he'd promised to get it sorted this week.  There are two blocks of content. One relates to instructor training, the other to franchising. The first is a way of diversifying, of adding variety to my role. The second is a way of earning money without having to put so many hours in on the road. It's also about trying to build something. Turning my successful one man operation into something bigger and more complex. Training instructors may also lead to people working under my name, although in the short term, it means more hours working.

And I finally got the backgammon board finished, apart from a few minor bits and bobs. I will get the chance to use it in anger at the end of the month.

Edit: Yup. Site down again. This almost certainly means work is being done.

driving lessons in North Wirral? learn to drive in Hoylake? driving instructor in Birkenhead?