Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Fucking Twatt

This is Fucking, in Austria.

And this is Twatt, in the Shetland Islands.

There's another one in Orkney, and the image quality for that one is equally shite.

Ooh sorry. I just said "shite".

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Tranmere versus Yeovil: 25th April 2009...

This is Prenton Park, in Birkenhead. And I'll be there in a few hours. It's been a few years since I went to watch a football match, but this is the last home game of the season, and Tranmere have done well this year. They've ended up on the verge of a play-off place.

A week or so ago, they were 2 points ahead of Scunthorpe, having played 2 games more. Scunthorpe played at league Champions Leicester last night, and earned a point from a 2-2 draw. They also drew their previous match away at Northampton. So with both teams having played 44 out of their 46 matches, they are now level on points, although Scunthorpe have a better goal difference.

So today Tranmere play Yeovil, who are probably safe from relegation, but could do with a point or two from their last couple of games just to be sure. It's a game that the Rovers should win, at least on paper. Scunthorpe are at home to relegated Cheltenham tomorrow. A game that they too would expect to win.

So that leaves one more game. Probably with both teams still level on points. And in that game, Tranmere play... Scunthorpe!!!

How's that for an exciting final match of the season?

Again assuming both teams win today, a draw would have been enough in that final match if Leicester had beaten Scunthorpe the other night. But I can harldy complain. The results could have meant Tranmere were already pretty much out of the running.

A draw might still be enough, but Tramnere's goal difference is 3 goals less than Scunthorpe's. So they would need to have a big win (like 5-0) against a 1-0 Scunthorpe victory today for a draw to be enough to put Tranmere into the final play off place.

So the likelyhood is that Tranmere will have to beat Scunthorpe on their own turf next Saturday. I wonder if I can wangle a trip to Glanfod Park next weekend?

Tranmere have reduced the admission for today's match to £5. Hopefully a massive and vocal crowd will help to secure a big victory. I will be going early, and I don't know where I will park. Will also be going on my own. My stepson was going to come with me, but he got smashed last night, and is too hungover.

Thanks Mike.